July 15, 2009

Best thing that you never had

Breakups... it is always hard for both sides.. one who starts the conversation. the other who would be dumped...well, i guess it depends on the person, but I think it is hard for both sides. At least that's what I wanna believe in.

Most of my cases, I'm the one who gets dumped as it recently happened. all the sudden. middle of nowhere. In the past, I always blamed on myself. All the " what if " situations come to my mind and it breaks my heart. but I'm over with it. I mean, I'm me.. I can't change that. it is just too bad if the end has come... the end can be a new start. I didn't mean to be with the person. period.

anyhow, I tend to associate a person with a song. What I mean by that is to have a song that reminds me of the person after all. The recent break-up,, this is still too recent to talk about. But the song for this guy is gonna be a Rediohead's "Karma Police". don't know why, he did look like Chirs from Coldplay tho lol

well, move on.. then I listen to Butch walker's "best thing that you never had" the best breakup song. I am in love with Butch walker, I can certainly talk about him more than a line. I mean, I saw him in March and he blew my mind.. he is the best in shows. I'll definetely have a post talking about him for sure. but in this blog, i wanna talk about this song. soo emotionaly sang. what a good song. please youtube it if you haven't listened.

I can't stay here, but have to move on without looking back.. that's all what I gotta do for now, right? Time goes by without him, no matter how much you think of him, cares for him. time goes by without him. just let it be and let it go as it would be

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