March 3, 2014

The Balconies Cover Blood On Our Hands by DFA1979

While my blog was on hiatus, I purchased my first record player and I've been slowly collecting vinyls. Since I grew up during the CD generation and my parents didn't own one, so it is something new and exciting to me. The sound that floats off from the player is way better than CD or MP3 and it is a great way to appreciate an album as a whole, which we tend to forget the significance of due to the convenience of downloading music nowadays. The only thing that bothers me though, is I have get up and flip the vinyl every 15-20 minutes while I am immersed in the world of the album. (#FirstWorldProblem.)

Anyways, I was walking on Yonge street the other day and I spotted this pink vinyl on display, You're a Woman, I am a Machine, by Death From Above 1979. This album has easily been one of my favourite albums of the 2000's and I had to stop by and get it. I was so stoked about this purchase and I enjoyed every bit of the sound coming out of the player and it's been my morning ritual to put it on while I get ready for work. While I am fond of the original version of the album, I also love this cover,  Blood On Our Hands,  by the Toronto based rock trio, the Balconies and it deserves a shout-out. What I love about this cover is the vocals and Jacquie Neville's roaring performance. She put her soul into the song and I just cannot take my eyes and ears off of her.

The Balconies - Blood On Our Hands (DFA 1979) - Live At NOW Lounge from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

The Balconies have their own agenda for 2014. Their full album, Fast Motions, was finally released a few days ago. It was produced by Arnold Lanni (Finger Eleven, Simple Plan, Out Lady Peace) and the album still managed to keep a boisterous feel in their clean yet glamorous sound. In this album, they reworked their older songs and polished them into a new version such as the Slo and Do It In The Dark (It was called Serious Bedtime in their self-title album released in 2009.) But what I really recommend you do is to see them live. You cannot truly understand who they are until you see their vibrant performance. Here is their first single off the Album, The Slo. Give a listen! 

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