March 3, 2014

Paperlions: Acquaintances

PEI indie pop quartet, Paperlions, have announced their new EP, Acquaintances, which is set to be released Tuesday, March 4th. This EP includes a new song, Do You Wanna, which is a classic Paperlions' fetching pop tune. The chorus, "Do you think you wanna, Do you think you wanna come over...",stuck in my head from the first listen and I caught myself humming the tune immediately after. Classic Paperlions' magic!!! This EP also features My Friend, remixed by Whale Skin and the Octopus Project. I am very excited to hear the Octopus Project Remix!!! !! 


1. Do You Wanna
2. My Friend (Whaleskin Remix)
3. My Friend (Octopus Project Remix)

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