March 21, 2013

CMW Review: Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14

After Jake Stone Garage rocked the hell out of the venue, the atmosphere drastically changed with the appearance of Chihiro Yamasaki and her band, Route 14. Chihiro is best known as a trumpeter of Japanese brass band, Tokyo Brass Style who have successfully sold 20,000 CDs in Japan. Yet she started a new project in summer 2010 being in the spotlight as a new instrumental band with Route 14. 

They opened up the set with the cover of Nini Rosso's Il Silenzio (Silent), The up-tempo version of the tune made the audience groove instantly. Chihiro was the centre of the attention as soon as she put her feet on the stage. She was cuter than a teddy bear and shinier than starlight. She dressed up in  her A-line dress and braided hair pined up by a hair buckles with a white flower. The moment that she commenced  playing her trumpet, it was as if the entire venue was lighted up brighter. I couldn't take my eyes off her, not only because of her cute appearance, but also it seemed that she was having the most fun among all of us being on the stage. She hopped and jumped around with the orchestral melodies that Route 14 crafted. She calls the band instrumental style as "Singing Instrumental." I sometimes find it hard to listen to instrumental songs for an entire set, however Chihiro Yamasaki + Route 14 was different. Their expression through their instrument sang louder than words. 

They've also played some original songs. One of which I recall vividly was a song called, Ninjin (Carrot) that Chihiro composed. The jubilant tune was a reflection of her personality and adoration toward music. 

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