February 4, 2013

Jane's Party: Til You Got Yours

One of the most exciting parties in Toronto is Jane's Party.-Toronto based pop rock quartet who embrace melodic sensations through their harmonies and catchy chorus that reminds me of classic pop rock bands such as the Beatles and the Band.

Jane's Party spent 2012 playing countless shows in the support of their 2011' EP release. They've recently unleashed a new single, Til You Got Yours. I was all ears to get a taste of their new release and it exceeded my exception by far with less poppy, yet more raw and matured sounds of the new song. This groovy 60's pop song epitomizes their ability to craft the perfect balance of bare-bone harmonies and alluring guitar jams.  It is just a matter of time until Jane's Party will sow their infectious tunes to more listeners. 

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