December 18, 2012

Frank Ryan:Ghosts

All these twitter followings have landed me on new music and it has become one of my favorite ways to discover new tunes. My latest discovery is Frank Ryan, a singer songwriter from Dublin, who recently relocated to Toronto. He recently unleashed a new EP, Dirty Little Liar this fall. Not only was I impressed with his songwriting skill that he has developed since he was 11 years old, but also his vibrant vocal.  

One of the songs off the EP, Ghosts struck me hard from the first listen. The groovy R&B and deep soul feel to it. His whispering voice makes a smooth transition to a crying haul. The maturity in the sound makes it hard to believe that how young he is.( I am assuming that he is late teens or early 20's.) Give it a listen of the song from the below link and he also has a video of a song called, Dirty Little Liar, which is more uplifting pop tune than Ghosts. 

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