December 2, 2012

Christian Hansen: Ma-Me-O

It was at the beginning of this year that I witnessed the sweaty and energetic performance by Edmonton based pop rock 4-piece, Christian Hansen at Rancho Relaxio. Despite the shivering cold, they warmed up the venue quickly with their buoyant  pop tunes. One of my dear friends, Anton from Artful Vandelays had mentioned about their dramatic adventure and the fact that it was their first show in Toronto since their move.- The lead singer, Christian Hansen and the keyboardist, Molly Flood, moved to Toronto from Edmonton to pursue their music career. Oh I can see you shaking your head saying that's everyone's story.- Many people have moved to the hub of indie music scene in Canada to challenge themselves. But what made Christian Hansen more braver than other bands is their recognition in Edmonton. They've opened up for Metric and sold out their headlining shows. They've left all that behind and started from scratch in the music scene that thousands of other bands exist. 

In addition to the move, they've welcomed new members. The former basist of Hot Hot Heat,Dustin Hawthorne and You Say Party!'s drummer Al Boyle. With all the adventurous changes this year, they've unleashed a new record, C'Mon Arizona.

The first song/single off the album, Ma-Me-O epitomizes their captivating new wave 80's synth pop sensation. This song captures the uprising pulse from the very beginning and dives into overdrive with infectious chorus of chu-chu-chu chu chuchu. 

It is just a matter of time when Christian Hansen can capture the same enthusiasm of Edmonton fans from Toronto audience.

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