November 15, 2012

Invasions Cult of the Half Moon

Toronto garage rock band, Invasions have at last unearthed their debut album, Cult of the Half Moon, early this week after waiting for almost a year to release their debut album. They've come a long way to unleash it after some member changes and delay from the label.

The kick-off tune of the album is their first single, 666, which is a hyperactive smash-and-dash punk rock tune. You may be surprised with the rest of the album if you carry on with a thought that this tune would set the tone of the record. The rest of the album, including Confrontation and Covered in Blood, denote a slight change in their sound, which is more toward a mellow tune infused with spaghetti western and 60's surf rock. It was obvious that they were heading in this direction when I saw their live performance two months ago at Sliver Dollar. I personally think this change set them apart from other garage rock bands with their unique and dovetailed alluring verses.  I cannot be more excited to hear any new materials from them at this point.

You can give a listen via  Exclaim! Magazine for free or they are playing this Friday at Sneaky Dee with Lost Babies and Loose Pistons. Click here for more details.

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