September 24, 2012

The Balconies and Hands and Teeth cover Justin Bieber

A few months ago when I first saw the cover of Beyonce's Countdown by The Elwins and Luke Lalonde (of Born Ruffians), I thought it would be my favorite cover in 2012.

However, Toronto indie rockers, The Balconies and Hands and Teeth have collaborated for this harmonic cover of Justin Bieber's signature tune, Baby with The Mojito Sessions and Southern Soul.  

I never thought I would post Bieber's music video here on Music Psychos. I guess, never say never, right? I'm not gonna lie, lots of indie music fans, including myself of course, have hummed this song numerous times. It is just very catchy and it won't leave your head easily.  

My favorite part of the song is when the members of Hands and Teeth join mellifluous rapping and thickening the chorus with layers of impeccable harmonies. I absolutely adore this cover! Give it a listen. 

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