July 16, 2012

Stuck Tune Syndrome: A Classic Education, "Spin Me Round"

I've been a heavy Shazam user since I got my iPhone last year. The ability to search the details of a song on the go is one of the most useful applications that were invented. I've shazamed a number of songs in the past at bars, cafes or record stores, but this tag stayed very special over the weekend.

It was just another day, trying to find out what the song was while indulging myself with some tasty cocktails at Drake hotel on Friday night. A folk infused smooth melody suddenly dropped in my ear and I was dying to find out who it was.  It turned out the song was called Spin Me Round by Italian band, A Classic Education.

I further looked into about the band, the lead singer and guitarist, Jonathan Clancy is hailed from the Canunk land and went to a university in Italy, where he formed the band with his Italian pals, Luca Mazzieri and Paul Pieretto. Their mesmerizing psychedelic folk, and Brit indie pop sounds have been already captured by a number of music critics such as Spin Magazine last effort, Call it Blazing. Thank you Shazam for introducing me to another awesome band!  

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