May 17, 2012

Next Music From Tokyo Volume No.4

It wasn't not too long ago when Steven Tanaka brought five indie bands from Tokyo to show us what they've got in the Japanese indie music scene. It almost feels like a few days ago that I witnessed lively performances on that night. After two seasons have passed, Tanaka is ready to wow us again with different crews this week. Just to tell you how awesome his selections are, Akai Koen, from the last tour, have been on the radar in Japanese music scene, with their breath-taking major debut album in February. (Can someone please send me the CD? I love the band!!!) It's not overstating it to say that if you miss this show, you will miss out what's coming next in the Japanese indie music scene an it is such a privilege to see them all in one night (or two if you attend both nights.)

May 18 Toronto @ The Rivoli
May 19 Toronto @ The Rivoli
May 21 Montreal @ Divan Orange
May 23 Vancouver @ The Waldorf Hotel

One of the most important and critical indie bands in Japan, ZAZEN BOYS, will be headlining the tour. Some even refer to Shutoku Mukai, the frountman of the band as an indie rock god in Japan with his influence. The straightforward lyrics flow with Japanese folk pop rock tunes to warm up listeners hearts. One of my favorite Japanese singers, Ringo Shina has claimed to be a huge fan of ZAZEN BOYS. She has collaborated with Mukai in a song, "Kimochi" (Feelings)

I will be talking with Mukai before the show! It's gonna be a goose bump experience!

A hip-hop pop duo, group_inoru, will surely bring something different to the stage from the other bands. With the combination of the alluring pop synth tunes crafted by a producer Imai and a loose yet smooth float of rapping and singing by cmcee CP. They've already shared a stage with Deerhoof and Battles in the past, casting dance moves on the entire venue. 

This cute sisters duo, Charan-Po-Rantan, is something that you probably have never experienced in Canada before. The Vocalist, Momo's pretty face and an obsession for pigs, (In fact, she always carries a big stuffed toy on the stage) and the award winning accordion player Koharu, seem like they are just kawaii face. However, these doll faces have already established their fame as classic/psychedelic pop musicians at an early age and showcase their superior musicianship. In this tour, a fellow folk pop band, CANCAN BALKAN will be supporting them as a backing band. They are definitely my most-anticipated act among others. 

Last, but not least, Psychedelic noise rock band; PrahaDepart is ready to shake up Torontonians with their peculiar timings and shivering shouts. They've already toured internationally in the states and Europe in the in 2011. It was just about the time for them to conquer Canuck land. 

The door is at 9p.m and tickets are $10 (that's it.) Be there or be square. Also don't forget to help Steve crowd surf in the audience.

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