March 13, 2012

SXSW day 3: Awesome Innovations for artists

Here I come-Austin Texas! Unlike the cold Canadian weather, it has been gorgeous in Austin, hitting 28C. I witnessed lots of people wearing shorts and T-shirt. This is going to be a hot festival. 

Today was the very first day that I experienced SXSW. I've attended a couple of conferences and trade shows, while embracing the creativity and skillfulness of interactive media the whole day. There are a number of unique innovations that I discovered:

1. Mash room- There is a section in the trade show where all the Japanese are showcasing their advanced technologies here in the North America. A website called Mash room enables users to collaborate playing music together virtually around the world. All you have to do is to upload a verse that you have crafted on YouTube and find a video that other people posted to match up with your sounds. This is just like an easy online jam session that you can  have at your home. You can check more information from

2. Another cool innovation that I loved is called Artist Growth. This application is very critical for indie artists. Who has all their money to spend on a management company? This cool website enhances your artist life by managing your gigs, scheduling , financing, recording and managing shows. All you need is a smart phone. Currently this website offers a free startup. If you're considering getting management, why don't you spend sometimes on this website to see if you can actually save bucks for making music? 

The music part of SXSW starts tomorrow! I can't be more excited than this to cross one of the items off my bucket list.

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