March 5, 2012

CMW pick: Federal Lights-Carbon

Winnipeg based alternative country band, Federal Lights are also stopping off in town during the CMW with their debut EP release, Carbon

Carbon consists of 6 distinctive songs, which embrace the warm chemistry that each member of  Federal Lights emits, while showcasing the variety of the sounds that they can craft. 

I Woke Up is a fun alt country song, which features alluring harmonies from the very beginning. The layers of vocals and the intro of humming (It goes na-na-nas) stick in my head. I Don't Mind is a great folk song with soft acoustic strokes along with Jean-Guy Roy's smooth vocal. I adore how strong it escalates to the end despite the quieter start. On the other hands, Three Skies and Camera open up a different world of Federal Lights, which is a darker tune infused with starting of heavy bass and drum beats.  The closing song, Carbon, is a strip-down tune, which you wanna listen to while putting on your big headphones and closing your eyes, so that you can enjoy every bit of the emotional hauling of Roy's propounding voice.  I personally think Roy's voice is best utilized when reaching  emotional climax. Click here to listen to their sample music via the Official website.

Federal Lights will be performing on Wednesday March 21st at 10p.m at Rancho Relaxo.  

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