February 17, 2012

Arkells covers Lana Del Rey's Video Games

It was the Saturday Night Live's performance of  'Video Games', which made an American singer songwriter, Lana Del Rey, all hyped up with mixed responses from the general public. Personally, as it is not a topic of my interest I can't be bothered whether or not she would make it as some label the performance as ' one of the worst performances in SNL.( I agree to some extent with the critics that there is a lack of emotion in the performance.) However, it is a different story if a band that I like covers the song.

Hamilton poop rock outfit, Arkells unveiled an acoustic version of the song. The raspy voice gradually escalates to an emotional climax along with soft harmonies. This version of the tune may change your perception of the song. Give it another shot before disliking the song?

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