January 31, 2012

Yardlets, Lot Lizard

Every end has a new beginning- One of the regular members from Broken Social Scene, Sam Golberg kicked off a new chapter with Jeff Edwards, (of Shot While Hunting), called Yardlets. The BSS alumni released a new EP, Lot Lizard, in the new noise/punk form and ready to debut the full-length in early 2012. In the new outfit, there is no the melodic vestige from BSS remaining, however, it has evolved to an explosion of vehement distortion. 

Lot Lizard from Yardlets on Vimeo.

Second song off the EP, Short Skirt, welcomed Death From Above 1979's Sebastian Granger on drums, which amplifies the intensity of the tune. (click here to check out the song)

Yardkels are performing a free gig tonight on January 31st at Horseshoe Tavern.

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