November 9, 2011

Q &A with The Love Machine

Ottawa indie pop rock band, the Love Machine have whipped up a frenzy following the release of their new album, Sweater Weather
The quartet answered questions for Music Psychos! Check it out!!!

1. The third album, Sweater Weather, was released earlier this year and now you guys are ready to release the vinyl, which sounds quite different from the past releases of the band.  What do you think deviated from the past materials? Any specific influence on the sound (Aside from constant touring over years)?

A. Our main goal with this recording was to write as much material as possible. We went into the studio with around 20 ideas that all had potential to be on the record. We knew it would sound different because we decided as a group we were just going to finish songs and change up arrangements if need be. With our past releases Sean was the main voice for a vast majority of the songs which isn’t the case for Sweater Weather. With touring and constant writing our band dynamic changed, Sweater Weather is highlight of the natural growth and evaluation of each member in the band and the overall sound that is The Love Machine. We let the songs come first and put aside ego, making it a point to let the songs really shine. In terms of a specific influence on the sound it really came from a lot of experimental jams that consisted of finding our voices and using them in ways we had never done on record before.

2. As indicated with the band name, the writing process is organic and collaboration has been the key element for you guys. What have been the benefits and drawbacks of the process?

A. The benefits of having four songwriters include more song choice, more options to finish songs and more ideas, which is key for writing unique music in this day and age. Most bands depend on one member to write vocals and create the structure of a song, this works for a lot of groups but its just not how we choose to go about the process. The problems arise for us when we are trying to focus on a single idea when we have so many to work with. It also doesn't help when some of the members are divided on ideas. However it is better to have four heads than one. If we really find ourselves split between ideas we will often demo the songs and listen back and list out what we like or dislike.

3. Any interesting stories to share with us from the road or your energetic stage performances after attending a number of festivals this year?

A. This year has been great. We had the privilege of playing and attending some of the greatest festivals this country has to offer. We spent a lot of time seeing some of our favourite acts like Dawes, The Sheepdogs, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Deathcab for Cutie, Alberta Cross, The Roots and many more. We also got lucky while hanging out at Osheaga in Montreal. We ran into some of the members of The Flaming Lips, we helped them set up for their show by blowing up what seemed to be hundreds of giant balloons that we had to wrangle into a huge net. We then joined them on stage as dancers dressed up in Wizard Of Oz costumes.

4.If you could tour with anyone from Toronto, who would you pick?

A. This is a tough one because Toronto is home to a lot of great Canadian bands. Off the top of my head I would choose Tokyo Police Club. I think the shows would be fun and a good time would be had.

5. What motivated you guys to enter in the competition for Live 88.5's Big Money Shot competition

A. The motivation for entering the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot came from seeing what it has done for the careers of some of our friends. Since entering the contest we have met with a lot of really great people and a lot of great bands. We try to stay away from battle of the band type contest but some opportunities are too good to ignore.  Since entering the contest we have won $25,000 and could potentially win another 30k in development which for an independent band such as ourselves is huge. In this business making money can be a hard thing so unless you getting grants to help record or fund tours its all coming out of your pocket. So when you add life and everything that comes with it like rent, bills, and living expenses into the equation it can be a scary thing.

6. What word would you use to describe 2011 and why?

A. The one word I would use is Exciting. It feels like we are really figuring out our positions as musicians, songwriters and people. A lot of hard work has been put in over the years and doors are opening and it feels good to look back and see yourself grow.

7. What can we expect from the release party on November 15th at Horseshoe Tavern?

A. You can expect a great time full of surprises. We have been waiting to grace the stage of the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. When we talked about the release party this was one of the first places that came to mind. We are very much looking forward to this show and happy to be releasing Sweater Weather on Vinyl in this fashion.

8.Anything planned up after the release party and 2012?

A. So far our 2012 includes recording some new material. Not set on how we want to release it but you can expect some video projects and more touring.

Thank you so much to The Love Machine for your time for Q &A. The Love Machine has a free vinyl release party at Horseshoe Tavern on Tuesday, November 15th. 
Don't miss a fun night with a great music!

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