November 16, 2011

The Love Machine @Horseshoe Tavern on November 15th

Tuesday's Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite at Horseshoe Tavern is one of the reasons that makes Toronto indie music friendly, while providing free shows with a number of local artists. However, these gigs are H&M shows ( I am not referring to the hipster beloved mega fashion chain, I mean Hit and Miss) Last nights show with infectious indie pops including, Heavy Hearts, Hue and Kevin Kane band was definitely inclined toward the 'Hit' parameter. The headliner of the night, The Love Machine celebrated their vinyl release, Sweater Weather,  with a fairly packed venue on Tuesday night. 

Starting off their sweaty and energetic performance, Ottawa indie pop rock outfit slammed the audience with their single Love Is On Your Side.  As the bassist, Jordan David spotted familiar faces in the audience and proclaimed his sincere joy to be there with his family and friends, the feeling of contentment overcame each member, which infected the atmosphere of the venue. They kept feeding them with  90's punk pop fetching tunes, including Anniversaries, and Sweater Weather. The great mix of lead vocals between Sean Prescott and Allan Gauthier, was worth noting. A special guest, Kate, join for a song, J.C and The Gamblers on the stage with the quartet, and flourished the performance. They didn't forget to showcase their new song, which The vocal/guitarist, Sean Prescott, mentioned it to be included in EP after Christmas. 

My favourite moment of the show was when they played No Matter. Gauthier's lead vocal beguiled the emotional triumph as the song escalated gradually toward the chorus. This song was  partially reminiscent of Weezers (meant as a compliment of course) as it contains a perfect mix of power pop and lyrics that the audience could related to. 

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