October 5, 2011

Live Show Review: Carleton Stone, at Dakota Tavern on September 29th

"It is going to be high energy, lots of sweating, probably some screaming and drinking. Hopefully we don't blow the roof off tonight because we are kinda loud."-As he anticipated in the interview prior to his set, Carlton Stone heated up the intimate Dakota Tavern on September 29th for his CD release party in Toronto.

His Stellar voice echoed through the venue, coupled with his country rock tunes from  his latest album, including " Last Thing," "Million Dollar Heart" and " Looks." His presence on the stage was reminiscent of Ryan Adams.

He continued to entertain the audience not only with energetic rock infused tunes, but also with stripped-down ballads, such as "It's the time of the night for that start making out at the table song" Stone cheekily introduced his ballads such as "Never Felt a Thing" and "Fit Together" and I couldn't help supplanting myself in the context of the song and enjoyed ogling romantically at my boyfriend.

Stone later performed alone on the stage for a few more songs before closing the night, welcoming Emma Lee on the stage, "Pink Me Up, Dust Me off", which was a perfect harmonized tune, enhancing the aesthetic of simplicity.

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