July 26, 2011

Song of the day: hue ' The Bump'

This morning, I was looking for some happy tunes to bring me up to get through another busy day and found a perfect tune.-'The Bump' by  Toronto pop band, Hue, is today's song of the day. The simple, but infectious fun melody was all what I needed to boost my energy.
With the recent release of their new album, ' Starting Fires',  the quintet is actively participating in different gigs in Ontario. I saw them during last month's Pedestrian Sunday at Kenginton Market. Their memorable hooks instantly attracted people who were just passing by on the street. There was a little elder guy, who was walking by in front of the performance, then stopped to watch it while enjoying the tunes from the street.- I found it very adorable that everyone was enjoying their tunes on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

They have recently released a new music video for The Bump. I love watching it as it reminds me the warm feeling that I have when I spend a great time with my friends. It makes me smile whenever I watch the video, and I hope it will put a smile on your face to shine your day, too! 

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