June 7, 2011

NXNE: Kanae's Artist Pick: Emma HIll and Her Gentlemen Callers

Friday and Saturday are usually the days when it becomes so difficult to decide which performers to check out during NXNE. Some people run across the city; others stay in one venue for the whole night. It depends on which venues you are headed to, but I prefer the latter as I can make sure I don't waste my time while standing in line forever, just to get inside a venue- which actually happened to me last year. If a venue has a whole line-up of great artists, why should you have to hop from one show to another?

When I saw the line-up for Saturday, June 18th at Sneaky Dees, I leapt up from my couch. The Audio blood &White Girls record had such a special line-up put together; it included the Whale Tooths, The Balconies, Brett Caswell &a  the Marquee Rose, and much more. If you wanna check out Toronto's talented pop rock bands, this is definitely where you should go. 

Be sure to be there early enough to check out the folk singer and song writer, Emma Hill and her Gentlemen Callers from Portland (starting at 8 p.m). With the recent release of thier new album, "Meet me at the Moon", which is just filled with emotion-triggering tracks, that also echo with her calming and heartwarming voice. So calming, in fact, it feels like it takes you somewhere familiar. When I first listened to a tune from the album "The Keeper", I instantly remembered a relationship I had while ago. It felt as if I time-travelled back to that period of my life, where I recalled a deep pain in my heart. You can click here to check out more tracks from the album via Bandcamp. She is also performing on Wednesday, June 15th, at the Central for an acoustic set. I hope you can make it to either night and explore her music.


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