May 11, 2011

What's your favorite Sloan song?

The Double CrossLast year, Me and Bryen went to a free show at Toronto's famous Yonge and Dundas Square. What makes the free show even better is that it was Sloan for part of NXNE. 

I have to shamefully confess that I didn't know much of what the big deal was to see them right in front. But Bryen grew up in Canada, and he seemed overwhelmed that I cant even think of a word to describe how excited he looked - and the crowd had the same look! I was studying carefully what this Canadian band have done to their audience, being able to provoke such excitement from them without a single note being played yet.

I had no idea that they were Can-Rock iconoclasts. Sloan is celebrating their 20th anniversary with their new record, "xx". 20 years and 10 albums; they have affected their fan's lives so much in many different ways with a plethora of songs . Their songs must have been the part of their lives, remembering the past and good old days, yet these songs also have encouraged them to move forward. They have made Canadian music history.

This official Sloan video shows how much each song means to Canadian musicians and have a significant impact on them in the video, including Jason Schwartzman, Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Joel Paskett, Sebastian Grainger, and more.  

So let me ask you a question? What is YOUR favorite Sloan song?

So let me ask you a question? What is YOUR favorite Sloan song? 

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