May 2, 2011

The Kills with Cold Cave & the Entrance Band LIVE at Sound Academy

The Kills brought their tightly contained explosion of a rock show to Toronto again Sunday May 1st in support of their latest release Blood Pressures. I can't say as much for their openers for the night; the Entrance band (terrible name) were boring and their drummer couldn't really keep time... during their entire set I was trying to figure out how any label would bank on them after seeing them live. The next "band" (the word band is in quotations for a reason...) Cold Cave were just as bad. The only talented live member of the "band" is their drummer and he only seemed capable of playing four on the floor beats or your typical disco stylized dance beat. I can't really call Cold Cave a Band because they don't play an instrument - aside from drums - live. All they do is trigger samples and loops and pretend that they are doing something. and the singer couldn't hold a note in key to save his life. Cold Cave SUCKS.

Anyway; on to bigger and brighter things.

For those unfamiliar with The Kills; allow me to introduce them to you. The Kills are Jamie Hince on Guitar/Vocals & Alison Mosshart on Vocals/Guitar. They play mesmerizing, dangerous, sweaty, sexy blues rock. Their chemistry together is real enough that you can almost touch it.

They have been getting a lot of press individually as of late: Alison for her amazing performances with Jack White's Dead Weather and Jamie for his love life. For those not in the know; he is shagging Kate Moss.

Any press is good press they say, and it's always nice when a band gets to be as big as The Kills are now - especially when they keep their fans in mind! They are still playing mid sized venues and they haven't skyrocketed their ticket prices and they consistently put money back into their touring budget (their amazing new light show for example!)

The Show was very heavy with tracks from Blood Pressures; the standout of course being their lead-off single "Satellite". But they wisely peppered their set with old favourites: their opener "No Wow" from the album of the same name, "U.R.A. Fever" from Midnight Boom (only about 5 songs into the set too!), and their classic closing song "Fried my Little Brain" from their amazing debut Keep on Your Mean Side.

For a band that is only two members strong, they are VERY strong. They have constant control of their crowd and they never fail to impress. If you haven't yet seen The Kills - you are truly missing out.

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