March 22, 2011

CD review :The Strokes, Angles

" I'm so confused..." - It was my first word after listening to the new album of the NY indie rock band, the Strokes, "Angles". As much anticipated about the new record, I was so disappointed. After the five years of their silence since the last album, the quintet tried so hard to define who they are. However,  it sounds like the band is completely lost in the transition from a new alternative pop rock band to a veteran rock band. Some songs, including their first single from the album, Under Cover of the Darkness, are still strong enough to show that they can compose such alluring verses. Each song sounds fine as an individual tune .  However, it is not cohesive as a whole album.  Julian Cassablancas is not only the one contributed songs to the album. All the band members contributed something from their solo projects. That's probably why the album sounds random. The album makes me wonder if this album is the last one for the Strokes.- As indicated with several rumors about their breakups.

If you are expecting an album that wows you from it, then you will be disappointed, yet, if you give it a try as a free easy listening, then you might find some favourite songs. If you are also a big fan of their grungy rock tunes, including, Juicebox, Heart in a cage, or Reptilia, there you won't find the Strokes that you like with this album at all. 

AnglesRate: 5/ 10
Favourite track: Metabolism and Under cover of the darkness. 

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