March 10, 2011

Canada Music Festival Kanae's Pick: Gentlemen Husbands

Are you ready for this year's Canadian Music Festival? If you are shaking your head, don't worry. The festival continues for four more days until March 13th, which means you’ve still got plenty of time to check out who will be performing in the city.

I just discovered a band from a small town, Cobourg Ontario, called Gentlemen Husbands this morning and my day has been a seriously endless repeat of their songs on Sonic bids. Their songs are comprised of what makes music sounds good: They are strongly influenced from both country and rock music with full of grungy, yet harmonic tunes. They are well-known for their wild live performance, so don't miss your chance to check out their gig. They are playing on Friday, March 11th, at Horseshoe Tavern (their set time is 1:30a.m)

Here is a little bit of a sneak-peak of their live show video. Enjoy

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