February 1, 2011

CD review: Dirty Little young'uns by the 24th Street Wailers

Dirty Little Young'unsIt was over a year and a half ago when I first saw the young blues band, comprised of Humber graduates, the 24th Street Wailers. At the time it broadened my musical horizons, differing from my trend towards pop/rock indie tunes. Since then, I have allowed my ears to absorb the delights that can be found when one explores the often intimidating breadth of musical variety available to the avid listener.

The quartet has put together their first album, titled Dirty Little Young'uns. If you have heard of their old stuff on the Myspace, then you will be pleasantly surprised- their sound remains fresh, soulful, and funky.

 The album, which only took them 16 hours to record, starts with the title song, "Dirty Little Young'uns", and it embraces every members' characteristics- Lindsay Beaver's strong and evocative vocal and drums, Mike Archer's groovy bass,  Emily Burgess' delicate guitar riffs, and last but not least,  Jon Wong on saxophone, showing his skill with bluesy solos. It is clear from the get-go that these guys have been playing together for a long time, creating a chemistry that has allowed them to put this finely crafted album together in such a short period of recording time. The album peaks in the middle with the funky track "Standley" departing from the honky-tonk blues themes throughout, upping the tempo, and really demonstrating the breadth of this band. The album artfully eases us back into it's soulful beginning - culminating with the wonderfully southern romantic riffs of Turn to You.

Two of the songs on the album, "Dear Brother" and "Before You Were Gone" are dedicated to the memory of Bassist Mike Archer's brother, who was lost to him on June 28th, 2010. An important influence to his brother and the rest of the band, it is important to remember the loss of such a talented young musician and enjoy these songs truthfully and from the heart.

This band has come a long way, and it shows. I thoroughly enjoyed their album, and recommend it to jazz and blues enthusiasts, and anyone keen on broadening their musical palette.

The 24th Street Wailers are playing at the Gladstone Hotel on February 3rd from 8:30 for their CD release party! Be sure to check it out. Also stay tuned for a two-part interview with the band coming soon.

Album: Dirty Little Young'uns
Rate: 8.5/ 10
Favorite tracks: "Dirty Little Young'uns" and "Who Do You Think You Are"

Here is a sneak-peak of a song from the album, "Simulated Love" Enjoy!

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