December 4, 2010

CD review: Gift Wrapped II- Snowed in

Gift Wrapped II: Snowed In

It's one of those extremes -you either love or hate Christmas music. Christmas tunes are played as early as the end of Halloween. (Some of my jazz musician friends, once told me that they had to record Christmas songs in the summer... brutal.)

To be honest, I'm not personally a big fan of holiday music. Rather than evoke in me feelings of a year gone by and time well spent with family, what comes to my mind is the consumerism that drives this season.

Then I discovered an amazing album this week - "Gift Wrapped II: Snowed In" on Spinner.  Foxy Shazam + a Christmas song = Click "Play full CD"... A definite equation came up in my mind. (Click here to read my post about the breathtaking Foxy Shazam show in October.) The band covers "Heaven on their minds" and needless to say, it sounded amazing - channeling the Freddy Mercury in him, the frontman  - Eric's voice, with it's intensity and range, fits so well with this tune.

It's not only the glam super rock band that covers these traditional Christmas tunes - various artists, including Tegan & Sara, the Goo Goo Dolls and Regina Spektor composer of the song 'Hero' from the film "(500) days-of summer", provide songs that will beguile even those who are not into christmas themed music.

Other favorites of mine on this album include - December by Regina Spektor, and Les Trois Cliches Featuring Neil Young,  Pegi Young and Ben Keith. You can still listen to the full CD on Don't miss out on this opportunity to stream this album for free, as it will only be available on there until Monday. 

My boyfriend and I were dancing in the kitchen to this album just the other night. I would highly recommend some of these songs for romantic evenings with your significant other. 

Click below to listen to Foxy Shazam's - Heaven on their minds. Enjoy!

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