October 18, 2010

Foxy Shazam opening up for Hollerado on Oct 16th, Toronto

Don't get the wrong impression from what I’m about to say... Hollerado totally rocked the show at the Horseshoe Tavern on Saturday – their energy blew my freakin’ mind!

But there was somebody else who completely shocked me like, "HOLY F*ck - mother f*cker!!! What the heck was that!!!!!" Well, I literary said that to my friend when the band finished their performance. Not lots of bands can make a sweet little Japanese girl swear like that!!! It is Foxy Shazam that I am talking about. (I can totally see some people would nodding right here.) Did you actually see it coming?? DID YOU?

When they showed up on the stage after Free Energy, I thought it was a joke: A band named “Foxy Shazam", with their Freddie Mercury-esque front man and super long bearded keyboard player – not to mention all the weird costumes!?... “this must be a joke" - that was all what I was thinking...

They quickly changed my mind as soon as they stated playing. The Cincinnati based experimental rock band completely blew my mind. As you can guess from the band name and the look of the front man, good time 70s rock songs are what these folks are serving – I hope you’re hungry for them! But it is not enough to just say "70's rock". Despite their comical look, the performance was very acrobatic. Yes, you heard me right-"Acrobatic". The keyboard player was playing the keys with his feet while head standing, the front man was flipping around the microphone stand - just like Freddie, the horn player was jumping on to the guitarist's shoulder.. It was insane. So let's call this genre as “Acrobatic glam-rock. I almost felt like I was watching a circus show. I think they should totally name their album or tour as a Circus tour. (I don't think Brittany Spears deserves to use the title. but Foxy Shazam!!)

I guess I was a bit behind from the indie music scene. The spin magazine already listed them as "10 bands to watch in 2010" and one of their song, “Unstoppable" was aired during this year's Super Bowl. What makes me so upset was that they actually played at the Lollapalooza this year... If only I have known them by then, I would have totally checked their performance...

In addition to the crazy performance, I liked the little stories the singer told us before each song. I can't recall which song it was, yet, he told us when he had an interview with a major magazine, which he had read throughout his life. He had a phone interview and the editor described himself gay and criticized about the band so harshly. Eric Sean Nally, however, claimed that despite the bad review and interview, he has the best band in the world and played the song. Other stories that he told us before was different along with the songs the band was playing right after; some were very comical, others were very serious. It just added a taste to the song by knowing what the song actually means to the band.

They successfully ended their performance at the venue and successfully made me swear so loud after the performance. My heart was pounding so fast when it was the end of the performance. I just couldn't believe what just happened.

Click here to check out their website and here is a video of their music! So you got no excuses to check them out!!

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