December 6, 2010

Best of 2010 : New Artist :Diamond Rings

Special AffectionsDiamond Rings is the new Toronto indie pop sensation: everyone is talking about this guy after the release of his debut album, "Special Affections". He has made the cover of Exclaim! and is currently CBC Radio 3's Artist of the Month. He was also nominated for the 2010 Bucky Award in five different categories, though he did not make it to any of the short lists.

What makes his project so special?  Have a listen. With his blend of mod rock and electro pop themes, John O'Regan takes his solo effort in a different direction than that of his four-piece punk band 'The D'Ubervilles' - replacing the gritty hooks and post-punk vibes of his past work with funky grooves and driving bass-lines that makes it difficult to suppress one's inclination to get on one's feet and do the hipster shuffle. 

It is also interesting to note John's popularity on Youtube. When he first posted his music video for "All yr songs", Sony BMG accidentally took the music video down from the site due to a supposed copyright infringement issue. They mistakenly thought the music video was for a song called "Diamond Rings" by a UK-based artist, 'Chipmunk'. After the problem was resolved, John hit two birds with one stone: earning an apology from the music giants and propelling him into the spotlight.

This album is blowing up... RIGHT NOW. Deserving of all the praise - Diamond Rings has earned my vote for the best new artist of 2010. Kanae's album favorite - 'Diamond Rings - Something Else'.

Here is another one : Show me your stuff

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