November 12, 2010

Stuck Tune Syndrome: Meligrove Band: Bones Attack

After listening to CBC radio 3 endlessly at work this week, while trying to get through my busiest time of the year, a song, " Bones Attack" got stuck in my head. The Toronto based indie pop band has created such a catchy song. This song has been climbing up the CBC radio chart for at least 3 weeks as far as I know. Immediately after listening to the song, I am all hunky-dory! Followed by the melodic chorus, the fun intro with the piano will make you smile - this song has all the ingredients to make it stick in your head too.

Shimmering LightIf you haven't heard the song, you HAVE TO listen to it! Click here to check it out on their YouTube page. 

Meligrove Band  is playing tonight at The Great Hall! It's a CD release show. 

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