November 16, 2010

Nora Jones : ".... Featuring Nora Jones"

...Featuring Norah Jones
I can't stop listening to the new album by the Jazz princess Nora Jones,...Featuring Norah Jones since I streamed it on Spinner Canada for the first time last night.  The new record consists of collaboration with various prestigious artists, including Ryan Adams, Outkast, Ray Charles, The LIttle Willies, and so forth.  It is safe to say that she is one of  the only artists nowadays that such prominent artists would love to perform with.  My favourite song from this album is Virginia Moon Featuring Foo Fighters.  This song is nothing like the loud rock n' roll tune that you can imagine from the Foo Fighters' material ( I love their music though).  In fact, I even had a little bet with my boyfriend to see if he can guess which band was playing with Nora Jones.  After I provided more than five hints, he was nowhere close to the answer.  Surprisingly though, the voice of the frontman, Dave Grohl is well-matched with Nora's melody.  This very casanova-ish song will complete a perfect lazy Sunday with your favourite cup of tea to warm you up! 

here to check out the free listening session at the Spinner Canada. the free streaming is only available for a week. So don't miss out the great opportunity to enjoy the great tunes! 

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