November 26, 2010

Mariage Blanc- LP review

Mariage Blanc

Happy thanksgiving to all those folks in the US! I hope you guys are enjoying your turkey dinner. While you guys are having a great times with your families, up here in Canada we are enjoying the brisk and refreshing cold weather. I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner. The cold season is not always such a terrible thing. Keeping toasty with a warm hot chocolate, a season to stay in and catch up with your favourite TV shows, with a roaring fire if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace. Not so bad, right? A winter is also a great season to share the joy of music. Whenever I first hear yuletide music, I am immediately full of Christmas spirit. 

How about adding some indie rock to your Christmas playlist?

 This new self-titled LP by pop rock band, hailing from Pittsburgh, Mariage Blanc, adds flavours to the winter season. Starting off with a jingle bells sound to draw you in, the track, 'Whatever You Say I am', gets your toes a' tapping alongside the rhythm. The album continues with a mellow vibe, songs including 'Trial and Error' and 'Rag to Bull', remind me of an older style classic pop rock. I am especially fond of the intro on 'Set to Repeat' - it transports me back to the good time of 60's (Though I was born in 80's... you know how good it feels).

The progress made since their first album, "Broken Record", is remarkably noticeable. Not only from a production standpoint, but also the composition. Their new sound is captivating and thoughroughly enjoyable.  It's always interesting to listen to both albums comparatively and see how much they have evolved as a band in just a few years.

This doozy LP by Mariage Blanc is available on their website( Free listening of a couple songs from the album is also available.) Check it out!!

On the subject of Pittsburgh, I'm sure all of you are familiar with "The Pittsburgher". This apparently is where one adds french fries, and coleslaw into one's sexual encounter. Enjoy.

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