August 24, 2010

Lollapalooza review Top 10: No.3 The Black Keys

It was back in April that I first heard the song "I got mine" at my friend's place. The intro’s heavy guitar riff remained ingrained in my mind all night and into the next morning. I had to have this album – so the very next day I purchased their newest album, "Brother"- which has been recognized by a number of artists and writers as one of the best album in 2010. After receiving a spotlight on their new work, The Black Keys started their tour in the U.S.

I must have been very lucky to see their performance twice in a week in different locations: one in Toronto; the other in Chicago. I was even luckier to get a ticket to go to see the Toronto show – it was a sold out show.

Their set list was attention grabbing as they started off with older songs with the lead singer/guitarist, Dan, and the drummer, Patrick. As the blues-rock duo hit more tunes, the audience was grooving along. Their sound from the stage was so remarkable that it was so hard to believe that they are playing at a festival- it sounds as if they were playing in a small venue. I was feeling the groove! Feeling it, feeling it!

After playing some songs from old albums, Dan introduced their additional support members to the stage - a keyboard player, and a bassist. This new addition definitely put more taste to their sound- they almost sounded like a completely different band. It brightens up their tune significantly and made it catchier. Playing songs from the new album, “Everlasting love”, “Next girl”, and “Tighten up”, just as the song list from the album, the crowed seemed more excited ( I think it is because lots of people know the newer songs better than old ones, including myself)

By the end of the show, the toughest enemy on the stage for the drummer, Patrick, seemed to be the hot, steamy weather in Chicago. He was so overheated that he was profusely sweating - his plat shirt was soaking wet and a stage hand was putting ice on his neck between songs. However, despite the frightening enemy, Patrick played the hardest and kept smashing drums- his professionalism wowed me for sure.  On the other hand, the lead singer, Dan, was remained looking cool. My friend, Brianna, also mentioned during the show that he is so charismatic - we could not take our eyes off him.

Finally finished playing lots of new songs, the due only remained in the stage and closed the show with the song, " I got mine" ( At this point, I felt very painful watching Patrick) They rocked the Lollapalooza fans and definitely warmed up the stage for the Strokes, who was scheduled to be appeared on the stage next.

With the new band setting with two other people and songs from album, The Black keys is definitely the must-see band. They will rock your socks off! They continue touring in the U.S and are soon heading to Europe! Don't miss the awesomeness of this band if they come to your town!

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