July 23, 2009

My Top 10 Raining Songs

It’s raining ALL DAY LONG. Well, as I’m in the office, it doesn’t really matter whether or not it rains. However, it just got my feeling sometimes. I prefer snow over rain…

So this morning, I was thinking that maybe I should use this opportunity to write something about rain on my blog. And this is what I came up with. Cliché, I know. But I started asking my coworkers if they know any songs about rain and I also posted as my Facebook status. As a result, I got to be introduced by lots of new rain songs. Thank you so much these people who have emailed me or messaged me the rain songs. I really appreciate it.

OK, so this is my top 10 rain songs. I’ll just talk about some of the songs on my blog, but for others, I’ll just list the names. So you guys still can check them out on Youtube!!
1.Cocco Raining
2.Jason Mraz The forecast
3.The Kooks Stormy Weather
4.Riana Umbrella
5.Lifehouse Storm
6.Carpenters Rain Days and Mondays
7.Hot Hot Heat Middle of Nowhere
8.Justin Timberlake Cry me a river
9.Travis Why Does it always rain on me
10.The Coldplay Rainy day

1.Cocco, “Raining”- This is by far my favourite rain song. Yes, it is a Japanese song. I love her voice and the way she sings. She just enjoys singing and indeed she is gifted. I could totally translate the lyrics and post it later if you guys are interested. But this song came out when I was in grade school, but it never gets too old.

2.Jason Mraz “The forecast”-Actually, I just found this song today. Lol. I was just looking for his song that is about rain, and yep, I did. I think this song is from his old album, and I really like his old stuff. Very nice and what I like about Jason’s songs is the lyrics.

4.Riana, “Umbrella” – I was about to forget about this song. Can’t do that right? Lol
5.Lifehouse “Storm”- I found this song today as well, very emotional. Love it!
6.Carpenters “Rain Days and Mondays” very classy eh?

7.Hot Hot Heat “Middle of Nowhere”- ok, this song is not about rain. But the video is about rain. This video was recorded in Montreal. I love this band so much. Another posting later for this band for sure.

So let me know what you think about my list.

I also have these songs recommended by my friends.

Led Zeppelin “Fool in the rain” and “Rain song”
Bob Dylan “Rainy Day Woman”
Eric Clapton “Let it Rain”
REM “I’ll take the Rain”
Garbage “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”
The Cure “Plainsong” and “Anything”
Prince “Purple Rain”
Millie vanillie “Blame it rain”

And “It’s raining men”… lol -Recommended by one of my co-worker. So just as fun, I decided to post the video that I found on Youtube. Check it out lol
I hope regardless the weather; you guys are having a good day.

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  1. Hi guys, I did a brief translation of the song of Cocco "Raining" enjoy! comments and feedbacks are always welcome!

    Cocco Raining

    Written and composed by Cocco

    The red hair that I got from my mom, I tied them up into 2. I braided them and they are swaying

    “Why did I do it?”- I wonder even today, but I don’t know the answer yet.

    I stood up quietly from my seat, grabbed scissors. And I cut off the braids

    It was such a beautiful day. I even thought I don’t need the future. I was so quiet and couldn’t choose a word, I felt only the smell of my way back to home was so kind. I could live. I was feeling so.

    Someone in the classroom was laughing. It was such a beautiful day.

    As I lost my hair, I decided to try cutting my arms next. I cut as much as I could. I felt the warmness. I was dancing with bleeding arms

    You had already left. There was nothing left. The sun was so bright.

    It was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t even cry. The earth was so endless, everything was so beautiful. With a white dress, from far away, I couldn’t be in the line, so I was singing a little bit.

    If it was raining like today, I could have cried.

    It was such a beautiful day. I even thought I don’t need the future. I was so powerless; I couldn’t even choose a word I felt only. The smell of my way back to home was so kind. I could like. I was feeling so

    Someone in the classroom was laughing.

    It was such a beautiful day....