July 25, 2009

Music Psychos...

As some of you have noticed, finally I can spell the word "Psychos" correctly.lol Thank you so much for these who bought my attention to the title. Fortunately I could still change the title and address!! I am such a bad speller and as you may have noticed, I do make some mistakes. well, whenever you find it, let me know! I'm still in the learning process. lol

So I would like to talk about how I came up with the name of the blog today as I have been asked by a couple of friends.

"Music Psychos" ..crazy about music.Indeed, I love music. When I was younger, there was an advertisement from the Tower record, (yep we do have the Tower record in Japan),saying "No Music, No life" I have truly believed in the line since then. I was always into the Japanese indie scene. Then I got introduced to the North American bands from one of my classmates. He introduced me from Avril to Nirvana. so many new bands if I can name all.. Needless to say, I was in love with them. This is one of the reasons that I got so interested in English. I had no idea what they are singing. Well, the main reason is I wanted to know what Johny Depp and Brad Pitt were saying in the movies. lol hehehe.

so here I came to Canada. I missed so much opportunities to be explored in the new music scene for a while and I am going back to it.

Well, actually it is not the only reason that I named my blog "Music Psychos" Psycho, also sounds very similar with a Japanese word, saiko. (If I spell them in Japanese, they can be written like, さいこう、サイコー、or 最高)it means awesome! yep Music is awesome.

so music is crazy and awesome.. so this is my blog! what do you think? I wanted to have a bit of twist too.

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