December 29, 2012

Best of 2012: Best Live Act

Another amazing year is about to pass by in the next few days! What were your favorite moments in 2012? This year, I had a privilege to experience SXSW, chat with a number of great artists, and indulge myself with so many mind-blowing shows. The list below is my top 5 memorable shows this year!

5. July Talk at Horseshoe Tavern on June 13th. 

Toronto rock band, July Talk is definitely one of my favorite new bands. I've seen them twice this year at NXNE and their packed CD release party at Horseshoe Tavern. I hope that there will be many more that I can witness in the new year. (Click here to read my full review)

4. Zoobombs at Silver Dollar Room on September 21st

My procrastination at not seeing Zoobombs paid such a high price at the end. After been recommended by so many people, I was at last able to see this Japanese super indie band. Their energy on the stage was like the Godzilla!!! (Click here to read my full review)

3. MUTEMATH at the Phoenix Theatre on September 25th

New Orleans' rockers, MUTEMATH have been one of my favorite bands for a long time since releasing their self-title debut album in 2006. They finally came back to the Canuck land this year. I think I've said WOW or OMG so many times that these words weren't good enough to describe how blown away I was during their set. (Click here to read my full review)

2. RIZE at Tattoo Rock Parlour on March 22nd (CMW)

I can't end 2012 without mentioning this once in a life-time experience of interviewing Japanese rock trio, RIZE and witnessing them rocking out with Canadian audience. The interview with the lead singer, Jesse was something that I will always remember, his enthusiasm and passion toward music and his ability to showcase it through his music.  (Click here to read my full review)

1. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan at the Garrison on January 28th

It is very interesting to look back at how much Toronto-Montreal based psychedelic rock band, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan has achieved in this year. After receiving very positive review from Pitchfork, their ride has escalated immediately. They've signed with Paper Bag Records and their debut album made to the shortlist of 2012 Polaris Music Prize. Their originality, creativity and of course, the hard work earned these accomplishments in a year. I vividly remember the moment that their show started.- the thunder blast and dragons swimming through the venue. Theatrical elements reared the intensity of their performance. I can't wait to see what Yamantaka//Sonic Titan is going to bring in 2013.  (Click here to read my full review and here to read the Q&A with Alaska B)

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