July 16, 2012

Iceage at Horseshoe Tavern on July 18th

You can never underestimate the energy of the teenagers. Danish punk rock band, Iceage fueled themselves full of anger and anxiety just like other teens. However, they express it through their punk tunes which infused different genres including hardcore rock, goth and post punk to name a few. The Danish quartet has been in the spotlight since the release of their debut album, New Brigade. This album has received countless sweeping praise such as Pitchfolk, who gave 8.4 and ranked the album as one of the best new music. 

I cannot forget to mention their wild live performance. They are known to rip the venue off with clamorous guitar jams and sweaty performance. You folks are in treat. Iceage is stopping by in Toronto in the midst of their North American tour on this Wednesday, July 18th at the Horseshoe Tavern. Nothing is better than spending a scorching summer night with boisterous punk band! 

Check out a video of You're Blessed off the album New Brigade. 

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