May 14, 2012

TNG, Velvet Underground May 12th, 2012

As loud as a thunder, Toronto rock quarter TNG cast a tornado of melodic Rock N' Roll tunes on Saturday May 12th at the Velvet Underground.

"Am I at the right venue?" - with a big question in my head, I stepped into the venue, filled with a frenzied electronic DJ set. It seemed mismatched that a rock band was performing between DJ sets. Yet,  once TNG commenced their set, it was easy to tell that most of people showed up that night were so-called, TNG royalists, - friends, family and fans who continuously support the band.

The recent incident at Parts + Labour, as their set was interrupted in the middle of the performance by the police due to the noise, fully prepared me  for some ear buzz after the show due to their loudness. However,  what I was more inclined to remember during their performance was not their noise, but their stellar melodic structures and harmonies in each song, luring the audiences' ears, which distinguishes them from the rest of  'loud' rock bands.
Being just loud makes you a dime a dozen. Yet, TNG stepped further from that game with their melodic sensation. The lead guitarist, Jeff hauled his stylish white guitar, and roused dapper guitar solos. The lead singer , Frank minimally deployed his unyielding voice from the bottom of his lungs. I just loved the hooks of the hit tunes.  Ringing in My head. The song always rings in my head once I hear it.  Aside from their heavy rock tunes, TNG showcased their sweet side by performing songs about true love. I'll Find My Way, a slow ballad generated a sing along from the audience during the chorus of the tune. I told you, there were lots of TNG royalists at the show!

They ended the last song, kicking and smashing the cymbals from the drum kits. How could we just go back to a DJ set after such an energetic live show!? I know that I can't. 

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