May 23, 2012

Lindstrøm Six Cups of Rebel

Norwegian Hans-Peter Lindstrom, aka Lindstrøm, has worn various hats in the past. Some of you may recognize his name for his countless stellar remixes, including LCD Soundsystem, Frans Ferdinand, Best Coast and so forth. Others may have been astonished by his producing works with various artists.  

No matter what people label his music. 'Space disco' or whatever you want to call it, one thing always stays the same.- His magic wand casts a fountain of musical hooks on each song that he works on.

His recent release, Six Cups of Rebels via Smalltown Supersound, has poitned him in a new direction which invokes cosmic sparks. 70s dance or dive tune filled with retro organ sounds entice listeners curiosity to the peculiar hooks. No Release, the initial track from the album, contains a five-minute repetition of  an 8-note organ melody. It gradually climaxes into profound layers of melodic beams.Quiet Place to Live, which was recently remixed by Todd Rundgren has a guitar intro that leads to a glittering dance track,  which flabbergasted me from the first listen. It was as if someone dropped a water drip in my ear. 

Lindstrøm is currently on a short North American tour, and we, Torontonians are one of the lucky cites to have him over. He will be performing in Toronto at Wrongbar  on May 26th. It's a great chance to witness his magic in person.

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