March 9, 2012

In Medias Res: This Could Be the One

Vancouver rock band, In Medias Res are about to resume their North American tour from March 9th, which was postponed due to a family emergency. Before hitting the road, the trio unleashed a new music video, This Could Be the One, off of their latest album,  It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out.  This video was filmed by one of the members, Ryan Flowers, featuring his friend, Jimmy Leung, who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, yet continues pursuing his dream to be a bodybuilder and businessman. 

This video captures Leung in a very close angle, while he trains himself at a gym to be a step closer to his goal. The inspirational visual matches with the sounds, which builds up as the song proceeds with choppy bass and drum beats

In Medias Res is playing in Toronto on March 23rd during Canadian Music Week at Sneaky Dee's with Dinosaur Bones, Bear Hands and Sheezer. 

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