January 21, 2012

Little City, Sperry/ Capt. Kendall via PlugTO

The advanced technology has now broken out a new route to get to know bands even better than before. One of the most creative and exciting teams in Toronto,  PlugTO launched a new project on their website to bring musicians and listeners closer and closer. They offer a series of videos about a band from 360 degree- angles and stream live music on their site.

PlugTO is currently featuring a Toronto-based folk root band, Little City. With the recent release of their EP, the Going and the Gone, Little City have been hyped among local medias, including Now magazine. The folk root outfit is now ready to wow Toronto with their new release, Sperry/Cap. Kendall. PlugTO has caputured them inside out, collaborating with the band to release 12 short videos,  including interviews, acoustic sets, backstage sneak-peaks. I was amazed to learn about each of Six members:  how much each of them admire and respect each other and every bit of music that they craft, there is always a passion to create a seam of music. Once I completed watching all of them, I felt as if I knew each band member personally and I've grown a love for them. (even more, I would say as I loved their music as soon as I captured it in my ears)

Today, January 21st, they will be playing a show with our beloved fellow local bands, Rival Boys and the Elwins at 918 Bathurst. This show will be a live stream by PlugTO. If you hate the cold weather and hesitate to head to the venue, you can still enjoy the show at your cozy home thanks to the wicked website. If you want to hit the road tonight, here are the details of the event. This is going to be a show that you would like to witness. 

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