September 12, 2011

Paper Lions unveiled a new track with an interesting contest

PEI pop rock kings, Paper Lions, unveiled a new track "Parents Talk" and announced a unique contest via Facebook. The new song is about MacPhee brothers' (Jon, the lead singer and Rob, the bassist) family road trip to Philadelphia.

The quartet announced an interesting contest along with the song demo release. The prize is a framed hand written copy of the song lyrics and some other swag. It is very simple to enter: post the link of the new demo and share your favorite family trip, tagging @paperlions to the post. It's very simple, right?

Here is my favorite tale of my family trip. I grew up in a family that owns a business. I hardly remember any trips with my parents because of that.When we went somewhere there was always someone missing, so I don't really remember a trip with them. On the other hand my grandparents often traveled not only nationally, but also across the continents. The first year in Canada, my grandparents, my sister and cousins came to Canada and we went to different cities in Canada, including Toronto, Niagara and Vancouver. I cannot forget how impressed my grandfather was at Niagara falls. He told me that it was one of his dreams to go to the Falls and when he was younger he had a chance to visit them, however he choose to go to Grand Canyon in Arizona, which was another place on his bucket list. As I walked with him under the rainbows created by the mists, I learned so much about his past and I still remember the moment that he told me I was the reason that he decided to visit Canada, so thank you. It unfortunately became the last oversea trip for him, yet, I am still happy that I became the part of it.

How do you like the story? Do you think I can win? Here is the song, Parents Talk. Don't forget to enter the contest and tell your story too.

03 Parents Talk by Young Lions Music Club

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