July 18, 2011

Thomas Dybdahl on July 19th, at Drake Hotel

SongsAfter a decade of creating music idependently, Norwegian artist, Thomas Dybdahl has established his own style to distinguish himself from the other ambitious young singer/songwriters who come a dime a dozen. Not only has he won multiple awards and is recognized by the media (including Q Magazine, who described him as "one of the most talented singer-songwriters from the Norwegian scene"), he also infuses different influences in various music genres and shares meaningful lyrics in his songs.  

The latest album, 'Songs', which was recently released on July 12th (via Strange Cargo/ Universal Music Group) clearly demonstrates things that makes him shine: his soft voice echoes as if he is whispering in our ears and it only escalates when a song reaches a chorus with emotional triumph. Plaintive songs, including, 'Rain Down on me', sink my heart as I listen, but he is not afraid to share the pain. Rather, he lets us face the reality and eases the pain with heartwarming words and compelling melodies. 

My favourite song from the album is 'A Love story'. Songs about love might sound cliche, but this song truthfully embraces the reality of Love. 

Honey i told you
That these things never last
And one of these days now
You`ll start dreaming of the past
When life was once too short for all the things we`d do and the shots we`d call
And endless summer without a fall
When promises were meant to keep
And nighttime wasn`t meant for sleep
A love story at it`s peak
Doesn`t it feel good
To know that you`ve been loved
And doesn`t it make you
Laugh when you think of
The day when we all got lost on the old mans farm
Just trying to get across 
It was only then i knew what love was
Sunday mornings that never ended and hangovers that never mended
A love story atit`s peak

Thomas Dybdahl is performing this week, July 19th, Tuesday at Drake Hotel. Don't miss it.

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