December 28, 2010

New Years Eve plan!

Darker CirclesHello Music psychos in Toronto! Still enjoying some time off from work for the holiday season? I am here in Hiroshima spending a good time with my family. New Years in Japan is like Christmas in the North America. So I am ready to stay in and chill with them. But are you guys ready to party up? Here is a list of parties in Toronto on New Years Eve:

  • Bloodshot Bill  @ Siver Dollar 19 + cover $12.00
  • Elliott Brood    @ Lee's Palace 19 + cover $20.00
  • Raunch N Roll @ Gladstone     19 + cover $40.00
  • The Sadies 10th anniversary @ Horseshoe 19+ cover $25.00 
  • Yes Yes Y'a All  @ wreckroom  19+ cover $15.00
  • BBQ aka Mark Sultan @ Garrison  19 + cover $8.00

 There are also a number of venues which offer a dance party, including Dance Cave and the Wrongbar.
If I were in town, I would check out either Elliott Brood or the Sadies for sure. To give you a bit of a taste of both bands, here is a music clip:  `Flash` by the Sadies. 


This is a song by Elliot Brood, called ` Oh, Alberta`

Let me know if you end up going to any shows! I would LOVE to hear from you guys!! Miss you all!

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