November 29, 2010

Wolf Parade show in Toronto: November 26th at the Sound Academy

What's enters everyone's mind when it comes to the Montreal indie giant, Wolf Parade,  is how the band jumps between the Keyboard player, Spencer Krug's, rhythmic bass-lines and the guitarist, Dan Boeckner's, crunchy rock n' roll motif. - Not only do they both compose songs for the band, but also they are both lead singers. They also are both members of bands outside of Wolf Parade: Spencer in an art rock band - Sunset Rubdown, and Dan in a punk indie band - Handsome Furs. Knowing the fact that the band is like a mixed candy jar, it's always amazing to hear and feel how cohesive their sound is. - The solid beat created by the bass and drums coalesce so smoothly into a melody that is both sophisticated and hard edged with its subtly distorted guitar riffs. 

They played tunes not only from the new album - Expo86, including "Ghost Pleasure", and "What did my lover say", but also their high energy standouts from previous albums, including "I'm believing in anything", and "It's a curse" to keep the crowd boogieing.  As I only knew their early hit songs, I especially liked when the performance got chunkier and grungier with newer songs by Dan, the guitarist - I guess I prefer his style. 

The show was nothing short of engaging - the energy and passion of the crowd brought on a number of body surfers - it was a fun scene. Their encore included the hit song "Shine a light". The audience couldn't stop dancing their asses off until the very last minute of this final tour performance. 

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