July 24, 2010

Digital HairCut DD/MM/YYYY

Last night, I was watching a YouTube video of the band MuteMath I clearly remember the feeling of astonishment when I first saw their performance during the V-fest at the Molson Amphitheatre last August. Then I started asking myself; “Has the indie live shows dramatically evolved in this last 5 years while I missed out lots of gigs or is it just a new genre become more popular in the music scene? Or, Am I the one who is just becoming aware of this kind of music and I embrace them?” I guess the answer to the question is it can be any of those things. In the human history, a new form will be created following after some sort of chaotic change. So can I call these artists/bands as "experimental" or something else? Well, I will leave it up to you for now.

So I started going back to my memory, digging who else – specifically from Toronto - has blown my mind like the MuteMath andThe Octopus Projects, One band to my mind - DD/MM/YYYY, a wicked band name right? 

DD/MM/YYYYis a born and bred Toronto experimental indie band. They are currently touring Quebec and Ontario. I think their music is very distinctive so that you will either immediately like or dislike it. But all I can say is that you MUST see them at shows before you make your final decision. They will blow your mind, with every unconventional instrument that you could ever imagine!

I saw them during this year's NXNE at the Yonge and Dundas square. I was alone watching the band sitting. By the end of their performance, I was standing in the crowd and very curious to see what they are going to do next.

DD/MM/YYYY will be playing at Garrison with Arab on Rader on August 7th. I have to miss the show because I will be in Chicago, checking the Lollapalooza.

Here is their YouTube Video, Digital haircut. Enjoy!

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