December 13, 2011

The Caretakers, Flower for Peace

Music is a means for all of us in various situations. Some listen to music to relax, entertain, or associate it with a moment of their life, marking their milestones to remember. Others express their feeling through a chain of melodies. 

A Toronto country rock band, the Caretakers, have striven to depict and convey one message across the nation.-World Peace. Having asked themselves,"Where have all the protesting songs gone?", the trio has come to craft original tunes to spread the message of love and peace themselves. The upcoming sophomore album, 'Love, War and Propaganda' will be packed with these songs,

The first single from the album, 'Flower for Peace' was released on the Remembrance Day. You can download it for free via their website and there is also an option to make a donation to War Child Canada, who generously support these children who have been affected by the meaningless fights in the war zones all over the world. 

So let me ask you-Why can’t it be Christmas everyday?”

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