July 6, 2011

Sonic Boom moving to new locations

If there wasn't Sonic boom in the Annex, Scott and Knives wouldn't have had a sweet date at the Toronto's largest record store in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'. The sad, but positive news came out this morning.- Sonic Boom is relocating by the end of summer into 2 locations. One will be just around the corner, at Honest Ed, and the other one in the Kensington Market.

After losing Sam the Record Man on Yonge and Dundas, it is very disappointing (and of course, frustrating) to see one of the Toronto's landmarks will vanish from the city as a large corporation is taking over the precious space from us. ( There is a rumor that Dollarama has made the deal with the landlord...)

But guys, let's wipe tears from our cheeks!!! Good news is the second location will be opening up in the Kenginton Market, where they will focus on Vinyl records, vintage furniture and collectibles. I tweeted with a concern in the space- I just love the basement of the record store as they have put together such amazing shows and it's shameful if we lose that. Official twitter from Sonic boom kindly replied back to me saying;

"It's gonna be LPs and CDs all one floor. The basement atmosphere as it is now will be resurrected at our Kensington location."

Let's hope this is going to be a good change for the store. and don't forget to drop by at the store before the old location closes. The Kenginton Market location is to be opened from mid-July. 

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