July 20, 2011

Metric announced a release of a remix album in fall

FantasiesA few months ago, I read an article about why people listen to music. One of the reasons that researchers named was music is a means to bring back memories. Some tunes are associated with a time in our lives so closely that listening to a song can easily trigger an emotion from the past.

Toronto pop rock giant, Metric just announced a release of a remix album, called 'Fantasies Flashback'. This remix album is derived from a project that the band has worked on since December 2010 in their official website.- Which the band asked the fans to send stories and photos capturing their 'most memorable fantasies-era experience." After receiving numerous entries, they have decided to produce a "Fan-made" remix album.

The remix album is set to be released on Oct 11th, 2011 in selected store, and a pre-order special package is also available via their online store.  

So let me ask you, " Which Metric's song is your fantasies-flashbacks and why"? Mine is definitely "Black Sheep" 

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